PRESENTATIONS OF: “A Message from Jessie”

In July of 2013, Dr. Buck Blodgett’s 19-year-old daughter, Jessie, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death by a friend.  The story made national headlines as cameras captured Buck and his wife Joy’s journey through their personal nightmare.  When reporters interviewed Buck, he did not speak with anger, hate, or revenge; instead he spoke about resilience, forgiveness, and love.

From immense personal tragedy, Dr. Blodgett founded The LOVE>hate Project. The mission: END violence against women and have all people choose love over hate.  He connects with his audience on a personal level by introducing us to his beautiful, creative, and talented daughter, Jessie, through pictures and videos.  He shares the heart-wrenching details about his only child’s murder and his life-changing call to action to transform culture and end violence against all women.

In his book, “A Message from Jessie: The Incredible True Story of Murder and Miracles in the Heartland” Buck writes about the events that launched The LOVE>hate Project.  Dozens of readers have highly recommended “A Message from Jessie” and given positive reviews saying it is a compelling, honest, and well written story from the heart.

A dynamic speaker with a powerful story, Buck has spoken to hundreds of audiences on university campuses, high schools, conferences, prisons, and community groups. He uses Jessie’s story to educate, inspire and motivate people to be resilient, end violence, and choose love.  Presentations are tailored to the audience, from middle school students to community leaders to inmates, challenging all to claim ownership for creating our shared environment, whether we’ve done anything wrong or not. His intimate and impactful presentation resonates long after he has left the stage.

Talk is cheap.
Words are just words.

You’re not really going to change anything by doing Presenations.

“A Message from Jessie” has already profoundly impacted many people.

See Testimonials below…


Deputy Warden Steve Johnson, Racine Correctional Institution

“I watched a room filled with leaders hang on every word. Not one person was looking at a cell phone, or looking out the window, or daydreaming. Everyone was engaged listening to this powerful story. They asked questions. They stayed after to talk to Buck. A Message from Jessie is for any organization looking to inspire leaders or help people grow.”

Autumn Lacy, Director of Program Services, Adult Institutions, Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections

“Buck's presentation of A Message from Jessie at the WI Dept. of Corrections leadership conference was inspiring, thought-provoking, and powerful. It received a standing ovation and tremendous positive feedback. One Corrections Program Supervisor said it was the best he's ever seen in his D.O.C. career. Others recited quotes from the presentation that elevated their personal awareness and self-motivation. The LOVE>hate Project is having a growing positive impact in our WI state prison system with both inmates and leadership.”

Kristen Kieckhaefer, Teacher, Hartford Union High School

“Students were transfixed. During that hour, each [was] deeply moved to leave behind the distractions of texting and social media, to think beyond their own context, their own little world..."  Read more >>

Madisen Stoler, Community Outreach Coordinator, Escuela Verde, Milwaukee inner city Charter School

"The room felt alive, emotional, and there was a collective sense of vulnerability … a shift in the way our students think about violence against women …"  Read more >>

Nancy Kietzer Winberg, Instructor, Western Technical College

“Awesome … moved beyond words..." 

mother of Slinger High School student

“… awe-inspiring. Thanks for your message of your love, hope, forgiveness, and encouragement. You change lives for the better..."  Read more >>

Bethany Vannest, Advisor, Escuela Verde, Milwaukee Inner City Charter School

"Buck's presentation was one of the only ones I've ever participated in where every student, from the best behaved to the most antsy and distractible, was fully engaged..."  Read more >>

Sara Doherty, Community Prevention Coordinator, Elevate Community Resource Center

“…students, advisors and fellow presenters were visibly shocked to hear [Jessie’s dad] harbored no resentment toward the young man that took [her] life..." Read more >>

Hunter Schrank, student, Slinger High School

“Powerful … meaningful … touched my heart..." 

Michael Schmidt, M.S., School Counselor, Hartford Union High School

“Buck Blodgett's message isn't solely focused on the unfathomable loss of his daughter, Jessie. Rather, Buck delivers a strong directive to end male on female violence..."  Read more >>

Lexi Wolf, student, UW-La Crosse

“ … truly impacted … learned that love shouldn’t hurt, and someone around me may be in pain … “  Read more >>

Jaylan and Jarron - St. Marcus Lutheran School

"Wherever your daughter is, I hope she knows that I will stand up to those who are mistreating others..." - Jaylan - Read more >>

"I want to thank you for teaching us men to not hurt other children, women, or girls..." - Jarron - Read more >>

Reginald and Jasmine - St. Marcus Lutheran School

"It changed the way of me looking at a women and a girl.  It made me respect them more and more..." - Reginald - Read more >>

"I wonder 'How do you live your life without your daughter.' ... And then you told us that LOVE > hate, and that really touched me..." - Jasmine - Read more >>

Nick Angotti, Executive Director, Peace On Earth Film Festival, Chicago, IL

“At our 2018 event, The LOVE>hate Project's presence set a clear tone of peace and reconciliation, which is all so often lost in our times."


End Abuse Wisconsin Conference, Green Bay, WI, November 2017
National Resilience in Education Conference, Keynote,
Las Vegas, NV, December 2015
WI State Capitol Building, Annual Purple Ribbon Rally, September 2016
2017 WI State Medical Examiner’s Conference
WI Annual Victim/Witness State Conference, Keynote,
Minocqua, WI, May 2016
Wisconsin Teen Summit 2016, Kalahari, The Dells, WI, April 2016
Wisconsin Teen Summit 2018, Wisconsin Dells, WI. February 2018
Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections State Conference 1, Green Lake, WI. February 2018
Peace On Earth Film Festival. Chicago, IL. March 2018. Peacemakers Panel
Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections State Conference 3, Green Lake, WI March 2018
Teen Summit Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells, WI. February 2019.

University of Missouri, March 2016
University of Missouri, December 2015
Winona State University, Winona, MN, April 2016
Carroll University, Waukesha, WI, March 2015
University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, April 2016
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, WI, October 2015
UW – Washington County, West Bend, WI, November 2015
Western Technical College, La Crosse, WI, October 2015
Moraine Park Technical College, West Bend Campus, WI, Nov. 2016
Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du lac Campus, WI, Nov. 2016
Moraine Park Technical College, Beaver Dam Campus, Wi, Oct. 2016
Malone University, Canton, OH, December 2016
Concordia University, Mequon, WI, January 2017
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Campus, Wi. April 2017
Marian University, Fond du Lac Wisconsin, June 2017
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, October 2017
University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Platteville, WI, February 2019

Hartford Union High School (School wide Assembly),
Hartford, WI, October 2014
Slinger High School, (School wide Assembly), Slinger, WI, Nov. 2015
Central Middle School, (School wide via 3 Presentations),
Hartford, WI, October 2015
Mayville High School, (School wide Assembly), Mayville, WI, Nov. 2015
Mayville Middle School, 7th and 8th grades, Mayville, WI, Nov. 2015
Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO, November 2015
St. Marcus Charter (Middle/High) School, Milwaukee, WI, Nov. 2015
St. Marcus Charter (Middle/High) School, Milwaukee, WI, March 2015
Hope Christian High School, Milwaukee, WI May 2015
Escuela Verde, Charter School, Milwaukee, WI, February 2015
Peers 4 Peers Student Leaders, West Bend, WI, July 2015
Hartford Union, Fundraiser for Friends of Abused Families, January 2017
Kewaunee High School, Kewaunee, WI, April 2017
Wheaton – Warrenville South High School, Wheaton, IL, April 2017
Groppi High School, Milwaukee, WI, May 2017
Hartford Union High School, Hartford WI. December 2017
Woodland School, Milwaukee, WI. February 2018

Community Presentation at HUHS, Hartford, WI, October 2014
Community Presentation, Waukesha, WI April 2015
Hartford Rotary Club, Hartford, WI, February 2015
Open Door Coffee House, Mayville WI, August 2016
Open Door Coffee House, Mayville, WI March 2016
Senior Friends, Inc, Hartford, WI November 2015
Cedar Ridge Retirement Community, West Bend, WI April 2015
Celebrate Recovery, Northbrook Church, Richfield, WI, Sept. 2015
Violence Intervention Project, Casco, WI, January 2017
Oak Creek Public Library, Oak Creek, WI, February 2017
New Berlin Community Presentation w/New Berlin Police Dept., July 2017
Community Crisis Center, Elgin, IL, October 2018

Prairie du Chien Correctional Institute, Prairie du Chien, WI, Nov 2017
Oshkosh Correctional Facility, Oshkosh, WI, March 2017
Alma Center Men Ending Violence, West Bend, WI, May 2017
St. Croix Correctional Institution, New Richmond, WI, July 2017
Jackson Correctional Institution, Black River Falls, WI, August 2017
Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center, Milwaukee, WI
, August 2017
Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center, Union Grove, WI, Sept. 2017
Stanley Correctional Institution. Stanley, WI, September 2017
Washington County Detention Center. January 2018
Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections State Conference 2, Green Lake, WI March 2018
Kettle Moraine Correctional Facility, Plymouth, WI April 2018
Columbia Correctional Institute, Portage, WI April 2018
John Burke Correctional Center, Waupun, WI April 2018
Prairie du Chein Correctional Institution, Prairie du Chein, WI April 2018
St. Croix Correctional Center, New Richmond, WI May 2018
Washington County Juvenile Detention Center, West Bend, WI June 2018
Chippewa Valley Correctional Treatment Facility, Chippewa Falls, WI October 2018
Racine Correctional Institution, Racine, WI October 2018
New Lisbon Correctional Institution, New Lisbon, WI October 2018
Prairie du Chein Correctional Institution, Prairie du Chein, WI November 2018
Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution, Prairie du Chein, WI April 2019
Oakhill Correctional Institution, Oregon, WI, April 2019
Stanley Correctional Institution, Stanley, WI, May 2019

Northbrook Church Youth Ministry, Richfield WI, April 2016
Spirit of Life Church, Fond du Lac, WI, November, 2016
Faith Baptist Church, Delavan, WI, September 2016
First Unitarian Society, Milwaukee WI, September 2016
St Olaf Church, Rubicon, WI, September 2015
Mens Group, Grafton, WI, May 2018
Mens Group, Grafton, WI, May 2018
Cedar Springs Church, Slinger, WI, August 2018
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Slinger, WI, September 2018.
Queen of Apostles Church, Pewaukee, WI, January 2019.

Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Nancy Baumhardt, Sept. 2017
Salvation Army, Milw. WI, Speaker Carrie Watkins-Riechartz, Aug 2017
Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Buck Blodgett, July 2017
Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Buck Blodgett, March 2017
Salvation Army, Milw. WI, Speaker Carrie Watkins-Riechartz, Feb 2017
Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Nancy Baumhardt, Nov. 2016
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Michelle Kiekhafer, Oct. 2016
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Barb Orban, September 2016
Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Nancy Baumhardt, June 2016
Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Buck Blodgett, May 2016
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Michelle Kiekhafer, April 2016
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Barb Orban, Feb. 2015
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Michelle Kiekhafer, Nov. 2015
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speakers Barb Orban
& Nancy Baumhardt, September 2015
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Buck Blodgett, June 2015
Salvation Army, Milwaukee WI, Speaker Carrie Watkins-Riechartz, Mar 2018
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Buck Blodgett, June 2018
Salvation Army, Milwaukee, WI, Speaker Buck Blodgett, January 2019

Salt & Light Radio, FL 2016
WTKM, Hartford, WI 2016
Bill Martinez Live, July 2016. (Nationally syndicated, 270 markets.)
KORN-AM, KQRN-FM, Mitchell, SD, August 2016
WTMJ, Milwaukee, WI, October 2016
KFNS, St. Louis, MO, November 2016, “He Said, She Said”
WLIT, Chicago, IL, December 2016
Life Talk Radio Network, Dr. David DeRose
(nationally syndicated, 150 stations, 26 states). December 2016
WOCA, Gainesville/Ocala, FL, January 2017
WUSY-FM, Chattanooga, TN. January 2017
KRDO-FM, Colorado Springs, CO. January 2017
24-7 NEWS / SEATTLE (NBC Radio) Seattle, WA. January 2017
WRBQ-FM, Tampa, FL. January 2017
Voice of America, Globally syndicated, David Byrd host, January 2017
KGNW 820 AM, Seattle, WA. February 2017.
KAHI-AM 950, Sacramento, CA. February 2017
CKLW-AM, Detroit, MI, June 2017
KGO, San Francisco, CA, July 2017
KAHI, Sacramento, CA, July 2017
WSBA, Harrisburg/Lancaster, PA, July 2017
Live Radio Interview – 4 stations in Seattle, WA, July 2017
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio , November 2017
UW-Platteville Campus Radio 90.5 FM, January 2019