Who We Are


To END violence against women.

To have all people CHOOSE LOVE over hate.


“In the summer of 2013, 19-year-old Jessie Blodgett was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her life plan was taking shape…” Read more >>

“…in response to a 9-1-1 call reporting an unresponsive female at the residence. Said officer indicates that he observed a young, non-responsive female subsequently identified as Jessie Marietta Blodgett, on the floor of a bedroom on the second floor of the residence…” Read more >>

“Link to February 2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling. The Court denied the defense’s Motion to Suppress Evidence.”

“Dan ….. I forgive you, as I have every day since I learned it was you.  I believe there is good and bad in every one of us, so I do not demonize or vilify you. That’s too easy. That makes it too easy for the rest of us to separate ourselves and our humanity from you and yours. To the evil in you, that you CHOSE to follow, I say this: this was a monumental loss for Evil and a stunning win for LOVE…” Read more >>

School counselors be ready. We had girls and young women come up to us afterwards to talk for the first time ever.  They were empowered.  They were alive with new hope.  They understood for the first time that they were not alone, that it was not their fault, and that it was time to heal.  There were tears.  There was Truth.  I saw victims who had lost faith in humanity, transforming into survivors with new strength and purpose.

Barb Orban

Certified Lay Counselor and Speaker, Milwaukee Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce, Exploit No More

Board of Directors

Dr. Buck Blodgett

Founder and Executive Director, LOVE > hate project

Dr. Buck Blodgett founded and directs The LOVE > hate PROJECT, his new life purpose, as well as The Chiropractic & Wellness Group, S.C., and Wellness Drs. L.L.C. In family chiropractic practice since 1996, and married to his soul mate Dr. Joy since 1985, he was Jessies’ dad for 19 beautiful years. Dr. Buck is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message for schools and community groups. Since Jessie’s passing, he works tirelessly to educate, motivate, and inspire young minds and hearts to add Love to our world and end violence.

Laura Gruber

Board Chair

Laura Gruber is a mom who fought back when her daughter was bullied at school. Stunned by the absence of school response, solutions, or protection for her daughter, Laura presents powerfully about the impact of bullying and how to stop it. Laura teaches Bully Awareness, Stay Home Alone, and Social Smarts classes at the Hartford Rec Center.

Lissa Berg

Director of Promotions and Fundraising

Lissa Berg has extensive experience volunteering with nonprofits such as Paws for Love, Therapy Dogs International and the Miss Rodeo Wisconsin Organization. Lissa is also the mom of Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2015, who has named The LOVE>hate Project her chosen charity.  The proud mother of three daughters (a Peace Corp. volunteer in the Middle East, a business owner/gymnastics teacher, and Miss Rodeo WI), Lissa believes the LOVE>hate Project can and will make a positive difference in the lives of people worldwide!

John Bass

Director of Promotions and Fundraising

John Bass has a Masters in Divinity. With over 30 years of experience counseling youths and adults in violent relationships, he has seen firsthand how LOVE>hate has diffused potentially tragic situations. John has been First Vice-President of the Nebraska District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, International Pastoral Advisor of the International Lutheran Laymens League, guest presenter on the National broadcast of the Lutheran Hour, and a speaker at major national LLL conventions. Happily married with three children and seven grandchildren, John has been the pastor of Cedar Springs Church in Slinger, WI for 18 years.

Don Berg


Don Berg is an Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist.  He works for Oracle Corporation selling high tech products nationwide.  Don has been a volunteer firefighter and has planned and led many missions to help deaf children in various parts of the world.

Married to Lissa for 32 years, the dad of Miss Rodeo Wisconsin wants violence against women to stop.

Jeff Trott

Board Member

Jeff Trott is the engineering manager at The Jor-Mac Company in Lomira, Wisconsin. An old college friend of Buck’s, he heard of Jessie’s murder on the radio, followed the project for a while, then reached out to help. He has always believed that violence against women of any kind needs to stop. He is the proud father of two daughters and a son, and has been happily married for 33 years to his wife Mary.

Kip Kinzel

Board Member

Kip Kinzel is the Mayor of the City of Cedarburg.  He has also been an industrial construction Project Manager with Sprinkmann Sons in Milwaukee for seventeen years. A father of two daughters, Kip says the mission of the LOVE>hate organization is too good to not be involved with.  “It’s about making a difference, improving lives and changing society for the better and I want to be part of its growth in and out of Washington County.”

Dion Radcliffe

Board Member

Dion Radcliffe is a senior Research Analyst at Comcentia, LLC with 10 years of social research and  consulting experience with non-profits and government agencies in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.  His passion for research and listening to people fits perfectly with LOVE>hate’s mission and Dion’s desire to contribute.  From “down under”, Dion has one son and is happily married to Wisconsin native Jeannie.

Nancy Baumhardt

Board Member

Nancy Baumhardt is a medical caregiver who overcame the traumatic effects of an abusive and dysfunctional family. Nancy has a background in psychology and worked as an Outreach worker for Walkers Point Youth & Family Center. She  facilitates Bible study for incarcerated women at Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility ( MSDF.) She has taught in children’s ministry at Northbrook church and Bible Truth Assembly for 12 years. She is the proud mother of three adult sons.

Courtney Olson

Board Member

Courtney Olson is the Executive Director of Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services. With a master’s in Labor and Employment Relations and a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Courtney worked in healthcare human resources.  Her background in volunteering and board leadership provided the opportunity to transition into domestic violence advocacy in 2001.  When her friend and former colleague was murdered, Courtney and Jessica Honish founded Hope Domestic Violence Homicide Response Team, and developed a website: www.domesticviolencehomicidehelp.com.

Karin Kinzel

Board Member

Karin Kinzel is an elementary school teacher with 30 years of experience.  Having seen the negative impact violence has on students and families, she is passionate about LOVE>hate’s mission. A past member of Cedarburg Junior Women’s Club, board member of Cedarburg Friends of the Library, and President of the board at Cedarburg Preschool, she feels it is important to be actively involved in her local community. Karin is married to Kip and together they raised two strong, compassionate daughters.

Barb Sauer

Board Member

Barb Sauer retired in 2011 after thirty years as an Histology Technician at Froedtert Hospital in West Bend.  She is now a Board Member, elder, and Administrator at Cedar Springs Church in Slinger.  Pastor John calls Barb “The Glue” that holds Cedar Springs together. She uses the gifts God has given her to help L>h achieve our mission to end violence against women.  Barb and her husband of 50 years, Bob, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Dani Lamphear

Board Member

Dani Lamphear is L>h’s millennial voice. A student at Alverno College, Dani is an amazing young victim/survivor. She shares her story of sexual violence with incredible power and bravery. Dani aspires to be a professional speaker, an architect of words whose story inspires other victim/survivors to find their courage, freedom, and power.

Dan Dobner

Board Member

Dan Dobner is the principal of HUHS. A standout high school football player and coach, Dan said this after the first L>h presentation at Hartford Union High School: “This was education at its finest. The LOVE>hate Project needs to present in every high school in America.” Dan is a loving husband to his wife Molly and the proud dad of Jacob and Megan.

Theresa Maier

Board Member

Theresa Maier is an Intellectual Disabilities teacher at Les Paul Middle School. A Special Education teacher for eighteen years, she contacted L>h in 2015 and said “I want my kids to have real-life experiences of being engaged and making a difference in their community. Could my special needs class produce a 5K fundraising event for your organization?” Theresa is now the L>h 5k Race Director. She has two children with Scott, her husband of seventeen years.