Deputy Warden Steve Johnson, Racine Correctional Institution

“I watched a room filled with leaders hang on every word. Not one person was looking at a cell phone, or looking out the window, or daydreaming. Everyone was engaged listening to this powerful story. They asked questions. They stayed after to talk to Buck. A Message from Jessie is for any organization looking to inspire leaders or help people grow.”

Autumn Lacy, Director of Program Services, Adult Institutions, Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections

“Buck's presentation of A Message from Jessie at the WI Dept. of Corrections leadership conference was inspiring, thought-provoking, and powerful. It received a standing ovation and tremendous positive feedback. One Corrections Program Supervisor said it was the best he's ever seen in his D.O.C. career. Others recited quotes from the presentation that elevated their personal awareness and self-motivation. The LOVE>hate Project is having a growing positive impact in our WI state prison system with both inmates and leadership.”

Kristen Kieckhaefer, Teacher, Hartford Union High School

“Students were transfixed. During that hour, each [was] deeply moved to leave behind the distractions of texting and social media, to think beyond their own context, their own little world..."  Read more >>

Madisen Stoler, Community Outreach Coordinator, Escuela Verde, Milwaukee inner city Charter School

"The room felt alive, emotional, and there was a collective sense of vulnerability … a shift in the way our students think about violence against women …"  Read more >>

Nancy Kietzer Winberg, Instructor, Western Technical College

“Awesome … moved beyond words..." 

mother of Slinger High School student

“… awe-inspiring. Thanks for your message of your love, hope, forgiveness, and encouragement. You change lives for the better..."  Read more >>

Bethany Vannest, Advisor, Escuela Verde, Milwaukee Inner City Charter School

"Buck's presentation was one of the only ones I've ever participated in where every student, from the best behaved to the most antsy and distractible, was fully engaged..."  Read more >>

Sara Doherty, Community Prevention Coordinator, Elevate Community Resource Center

“…students, advisors and fellow presenters were visibly shocked to hear [Jessie’s dad] harbored no resentment toward the young man that took [her] life..." Read more >>

Hunter Schrank, student, Slinger High School

“Powerful … meaningful … touched my heart..." 

Michael Schmidt, M.S., School Counselor, Hartford Union High School

“Buck Blodgett's message isn't solely focused on the unfathomable loss of his daughter, Jessie. Rather, Buck delivers a strong directive to end male on female violence..."  Read more >>

Lexi Wolf, student, UW-La Crosse

“ … truly impacted … learned that love shouldn’t hurt, and someone around me may be in pain … “  Read more >>

Jaylan and Jarron - St. Marcus Lutheran School

"Wherever your daughter is, I hope she knows that I will stand up to those who are mistreating others..." - Jaylan - Read more >>

"I want to thank you for teaching us men to not hurt other children, women, or girls..." - Jarron - Read more >>

Reginald and Jasmine - St. Marcus Lutheran School

"It changed the way of me looking at a women and a girl.  It made me respect them more and more..." - Reginald - Read more >>

"I wonder 'How do you live your life without your daughter.' ... And then you told us that LOVE > hate, and that really touched me..." - Jasmine - Read more >>

Nick Angotti, Executive Director, Peace On Earth Film Festival, Chicago, IL

“At our 2018 event, The LOVE>hate Project's presence set a clear tone of peace and reconciliation, which is all so often lost in our times."

A Message from Jessie - Book Reviews - #1

“To see the love and forgiveness in someone who has lost [their] greatest treasure is remarkably refreshing in a society where we are surrounded by hate and negativity..." - Rick G - Amazon.com - Read more >>

“As a surviving family member of a murdered young woman this really struck a nerve. I have struggled with what those awful last moments of our [daughter] were like, had nightmares, grieved to the pit of my soul..."  D.L. Lawrence - Amazon.com - Read more >>

“Every page made me want to be a better person and try harder to show love and forgiveness in any situation..." - Carrie Shipley - Amazon.com - Read more >>

“Wow. Extremely well written. It will give you faith again in humanity..." - Cynthia Nemke - Amazon.com - Read more >>

"...shows the audience a huge capacity to love..." - Sheila Parker - Amazon.com - Read more >>

Social Media - #2 - Sue B, Deb D B, S Adrienne H, Nate H, and Barbie O

“This is the BEST project to come about in a long time..." - Sue B - Facebook page - Read more >>

“In awe of your message and mission. Hope to live life in [this] way..."  - Deb D B - Facebook page - Read more >>

"You will save lives..." - S Adrienne H - Read more >>

"Our school needed this message..." - Nate H - Middle School Student - Read more >>

"What a Blessing to the world!  Thank you..." - Barbie O - Read more >>

TV - #2 - Jon-Paul V and Anonymous

"...just watched Dateline...inspired me to find the good in others..." - Jon-Paul V - Read more >>

"I left a [violent] marriage...he poured gasoline on me and lit a match..." - Anonymous - Read more >>

A Message from Jessie - Book Reviews - #2

“I took away a deeper meaning to life ..." - C. Wilson - Amazon.com - Read more >>

“An amazing example of CHOOSING how to continue living when someone so precious to you is no longer. Hard to put down..." - C Winslow - Amazon.com - Read more >>

"Riveting. Awe inspiring. Enlightening..." - Amazon.com Customer - Read more >>

“ … the L>h Project is destined to touch so many people..." - Mark M - Amazon.com - Read more >>

Social Media - #1 - Michelle C, Alicia T, and Hans W

“Forever humbled by your undying love, strength, and determination..."  - Michelle C - Facebook Page - Read more >>

"[Your message] inspires me to love more, forgive more, and remember what truly matters..." - Alicia T - Facebook - Read more >>

"You're doing an amazing thing..." - Hans W - Facebook - Read more >>

TV - #1 - Angel F and Abby

"Just watched the Dateline episode.  I'm a 20 yr old male.  I will carry this lesson of forgiveness..." - Angel F. - Read more >>

"So tragic, but so inspiring. I am a survivor. The worst part of that experience has been the rage..." - Abby - Read more >>

TV - #3 - Anonymous and Jim & Claire

“How beautiful to see something good and powerful come out of [this] horrible act..." - Anonymous - Read more >>

“How powerful [your] message is on Dateline. Your Jessie wanted to help women to not be harassed and bullied by men and now she is doing this in the most impactful way..." - Jim & Claire - Read more >>

Print Media

  • Love > hate - Times Press - Sunday, November 2, 2014
  • Filmmaker sharing victim's story - By Linda McAlpine
  • Group honors Blodgett's spirit, legacy - By Joe Vandelaarschot
  • A musical memory - By Sarah Mann
  • Love > Hate: Hartford honors Jessie Blodgett

Dan Dobner, Principal, Hartford Union High School

“Never in all my years as a principal have I seen an entire student body of 1400 sit so completely silent and absolutely captivated..."  Read more >>

Mark Bensen, Washington County District Attorney

“I have been astounded by the impact of her legacy and the LOVE>hate Project on this community..."  Read more >>

Christine Giffey-Brohaugh, Captain, Salvation Army - MILWAUKEE, WI

“L>h has had a truly significant impact here at the Emergency Lodge. It is so important for people here to understand that others have experienced brokenness..."  Read more >>

Carmen Pitre, President/CEO, Sojourner Family Peace Center

“It was an honor to … learn more about the incredible work [L>h] is doing..."  Read more >>

Barb Orban, Certified Lay Counselor and Speaker, Milwaukee Anti- Human Trafficking Task Force, Exploit No More, and Celebrate Recovery

“School counselors be ready. We had girls and young women come up to us afterwards to talk for the first time ever..."  Read more >>

Kim Blum, Athletic Director, University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

“Powerful. Impactful. Makes people think. Makes people talk. Captivating. Engaging..."  Read more >>

David Groves, Hartford Police Chief

"In my 22 years of law enforcement I have never seen anyone that has demonstrated such grace and compassion..."  Read more >>

Maria Strong and Brent Brigson, Counselors, Western Technical College, La Crosse WI

"[“A Message from Jessie”] moved me to want to do more in my life and world..." - Maria - Read more >>

"To move toward LOVE in the face of such a horrific crime is beyond comprehension..." - Brent - Read more >>

Chris Cagle, Elder, Northbrook Church, Leader, Slinger High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“We were all moved by [Jessie’s] message..." 

Lesley Thalhuber, Outreach Counselor, Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO

"Such a powerful topic ... I saw how much it touched our students in the audience..."  Read more >>