New ALIGNED APPROACH:  To END violence against women.

On October 29, 2016, L>h hosted an event. We called it a “Forum of Community Leaders”. 52 leaders from in and beyond Washington County attended, including State Legislators, Mayors, Police Chiefs and officers, Principals, Teachers, School Counselors, Mental Health experts, Survivors, Faith Leaders, and reps from 12 Non-Profits. The outcome of that day: seven new Community Action Teams (Faith Community, Whole Community Awareness, In The Schools, Educating the Educators, Legislative Lobbying, Law Enforcement, and Research Action Teams). As of May 2017, these teams have 14 ideas for community projects, such as an Interfaith Initiative, The Billboard Project, The Forgiveness Curriculum, The Universal Symbol, The Poster Campaign, The Drop In Program for churches, “The Male Box” seminars, The Global Search for “Best Practices”, and The School Presentation Program. Our Mission: The emergence of a new Community-wide Aligned Approach that substantially and measurably decreases male on female violence in Washington County in three years, and ultimately ends it.

By 2020, we hope to have a proven effective Model that has measurably impacted violence against women in Washington County, is in process in five-county greater Milwaukee, with seeds planted in other states, and ultimately other countries.

You can’t change human nature. Boys will be boys.

You can’t END violence against women.

Sexual assault rates have decreased by more than 50% in the past 20 years.  –  U.S. Dept. of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey.

Since the Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994, annual rates of domestic violence have plummeted by 64%.  –  Huffington Post, 10/9/14


Dan Dobner, Principal, Hartford Union High School

“Never in all my years as a principal have I seen an entire student body of 1400 sit so completely silent and absolutely captivated..."  Read more >>

Mark Bensen, Washington County District Attorney

“I have been astounded by the impact of her legacy and the LOVE>hate Project on this community..."  Read more >>

Christine Giffey-Brohaugh, Captain, Salvation Army - MILWAUKEE, WI

“L>h has had a truly significant impact here at the Emergency Lodge. It is so important for people here to understand that others have experienced brokenness..."  Read more >>

Carmen Pitre, President/CEO, Sojourner Family Peace Center

“It was an honor to … learn more about the incredible work [L>h] is doing..."  Read more >>

Barb Orban, Certified Lay Counselor and Speaker, Milwaukee Anti- Human Trafficking Task Force, Exploit No More, and Celebrate Recovery

“School counselors be ready. We had girls and young women come up to us afterwards to talk for the first time ever..."  Read more >>

Kim Blum, Athletic Director, University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

“Powerful. Impactful. Makes people think. Makes people talk. Captivating. Engaging..."  Read more >>

David Groves, Hartford Police Chief

"In my 22 years of law enforcement I have never seen anyone that has demonstrated such grace and compassion..."  Read more >>

Maria Strong and Brent Brigson, Counselors, Western Technical College, La Crosse WI

"[“A Message from Jessie”] moved me to want to do more in my life and world..." - Maria - Read more >>

"To move toward LOVE in the face of such a horrific crime is beyond comprehension..." - Brent - Read more >>

Chris Cagle, Elder, Northbrook Church, Leader, Slinger High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“We were all moved by [Jessie’s] message..." 

Lesley Thalhuber, Outreach Counselor, Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO

"Such a powerful topic ... I saw how much it touched our students in the audience..."  Read more >>

Mark Bensen, WA Co. D.A.
Ali Krueger, WA Co. Victim/Witness Program Coordinator and Board Member Friends of Abused Families
David Groves, Chief of Police, Hartford PD
Chris Cagle, elder, Northbrook Church
John Bass, Pastor, Cedar Springs Church
Laura Gruber, Board Chair, L>h Project
Buck Blodgett, Founder, L>h Project
Dan Dobner, Principal, Hartford Union High School
Phil Ourada, Principal, Slinger High School
Alan Cahn (Portland, OR), Executive Coach, New Avenues for Youth, Landmark Education
Steve Przedpelski, Deacon, Franciscan Peacemakers
Michael Schmidt, Counselor, Hartford High School
Robin Seidel, Dean of Learners, Mayville Middle School
Kris Garczynski, Teacher, Mayville Middle School
Kate Nickel, Program Director, Friends of Abused Families/Community Coordinated Response Team
Brad Creighton, Outreach Coordinator, FAF
Mike Bellanti, Lead Pastor, Northbrook Church
Rebecca Bellanti, Social Work M.S., trafficking, Northbrook Church
Ingrid Goranson, Leader, Northbrook Church
Carmen Pitre, President/CEO, Sojourner Family Peace Center
Dean Schmidt, Chief of Police, Slinger PD
Barb Orban, Survivor, Exploit No More, Milwaukee
Kenneth  Meuler, Chief of Police, West Bend P.D.
Nancy Baumhardt, Survivor, L>h Project
Tom Bishop, Chief of Police, Kewaskum P.D.
Joe Vista or Chris Laatsch, Principal or Teacher, Central Middle School
Lisa Krenke, Executive Director, Friends of Abused Families
Dan Green, Clinical Director, New Life Resources, Inc.
Kathleen Christenson Fisher, Executive Director, Family Promise
Dion Radcliffe, Research Analyst, IC
Sara Krall, Community Response and Homicide Prevention Coordinator, EndAbuseWI
Theresa Maier, Special Needs Teacher, Hartford Union High School
Kelly Moe Litke, Director of Prevention, WI Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Courtney Olson, Executive Director, Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services
Dennis Morrow, author of The MaleBox, founder of Janus Youth Center
Jessica Honish, Lead Advocate, Rainbow House
Heather Severson, Executive Director, Traja and Traja’s Heart
Pastor Phil Haslanger, Memorial United Church of Christ, Madison