What You Can Do

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  3. Host a grass roots “Tour of Our Mission” event for friends and family (contact us at ligth.org).
  4. “Like and Share” on Facebook (an idea used to travel the world at the speed of a horse, now we can share an idea in one “click”).
  5. Buy and read “A Message from Jessie” (the whole story… the criminal investigation, the trial, and the “signs” in the year after).  You can find this book and other products at our Shop.
  6. Volunteer (contact us at ligth.org).
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  8. Have your organization do a fundraiser.

“EVERY single thing you do MATTERS, not just for you but for EVERYONE, not just for now but FOREVER.”

The Butterfly Effect

“Most people will never do great things. But everyone can do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

“No act of kindness is ever lost.”